Doors of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s Doors of the Week! Keep up the great work.

Girls Varsity Hockey: Lisa Ito-Bagshaw ‘21
DGVH Door of the Week is Lisa Ito-Bagshaw. A three-year Senior who will go off to play at Hamilton College next year, Lisa was a force all over the ice this week. Several teammates remarked on her excellent play, as Lisa worked hard in every drill and controlled the play whenever she was on the ice. As our Captain, she provided excellent leadership as we moved from non-contact cohorts to full ice scrimmages, maintaining a positive and encouraging attitude no matter the situation. Lisa is playing at an exceptionally high level right now, and we are so proud of her!

Boys Varsity Swimming & Diving: Tyler Ettelson ’23
This week’s “Door of the Week” for varsity boys swimming is Tyler Ettelson.  Swimming is not a sport for the faint of heart.  It is a sport that not only tests your physical fitness, but also your mental toughness.  As a first-year swimmer, who is still learning the basics of fast and efficient swimming, Tyler has persistently pushed himself each day at practice with the clear goal of improving himself.  No test was greater than conquering the 500-yard freestyle in the team’s first “virtual” meet of the year.  With such a small squad this year we need every swimmer to step up to help out the team.  Tyler took on the 500-yard freestyle challenge and scored a point to help with our overall six-point win against Minnechaug 16’.  For all his perseverance and toughness, Tyler Ettleson is our Door of the Week.

Boys Thirds Basketball: Alejandro Simon ’23
Our DOTW nominee this week is Alejandro Simon. As one of only two returning players, Alejandro has led the team in warm ups each day and continues to come to practice ready to work hard and learn more about the game. We appreciate his dedication and good spirits!

Boys varsity Hockey: Tyler Mudd ’21
Tyler Mudd has been a consistent source of energy and optimism for our team. He simply loves the game of hockey and this passion comes through in everything he does. Tyler is the glue that holds our 25-man roster together.

Girls Varsity Basketball: Claire Cummings ’21
Claire Cummings has been an outstanding team captain this year, keeping the team’s positivity and spirits up, even with all the challenges this year has thrown at us.  Last week, she was one of only three players able to come to practice, and she showed up every day ready to work hard, get up lots of shots, demonstrate drills for newer team members and keep her teammates focused on improving.  She is at the top of her game, and we look forward to seeing what she does on the court in our upcoming scrimmages.

Thirds Girls’ Squash: Neha Jampala ‘23:
We all hated seeing one of our two returners forced to quarantined just as we were getting going, but we loved welcoming Neha back on Thursday just in time for our first Challenge Night! Though she wasn’t yet cleared to play, she exhibited the same genial, team-first, veteran presence she’s offered the team all season by coming to the late practice and helping to score a couple matches. Then when she finally could return to competition on Tuesday, she was the only player to beat a higher seed and move up the ladder. Her quickness and smart decision-making on the court will serve her well this season—and beyond—and her cheerfulness and dedication are a great gift to the team.

Painting by Julia Hioe ’22. Titled: Dziadziu.

Art: Julia Hioe’22
Julia finished taking Post AP in the Fall and she is now in the art co-curricular. Using acrylic paint, she created this beautiful  portrait of her grandfather, titled: “Dziadziu”.

Community Service: Isabella Ordonez ’24
Isabella Ordonez, a member of the Community Service group this term, Emailed me Monday to ask if we were still meeting and then – when she hadn’t heard back from me – actually walked over to the Greenhouse at our regular time, so as not to miss her obligation (which she didn’t realize had been canceled on Head of School Day). I appreciate her commitment to the program, and her sense of personal accountability to her group!

Boys JV Squash: Tino Munochiveyi ’22
Tino brings a smile a sense of joy to the squash courts every day.  He is passionate about the game of squash and has worked tirelessly to improve his skills over his three years in the DA squash program.  His athleticism/speed are exceptional and he is incredibly coachable, listening and learning from more experienced players and coaches every afternoon.  Tino leads the JV squad through his exceptional optimism, welcoming spirit and willingness to put in as many hours as he can to improve as a player.

Girls Thirds Basketball: Natania Reid ’24
The Door of the Week is Natania Reid. Having never played basketball, Natania has brought unbridled positivity and determination to every practice. Like all good students, she is always looking for connections between this new endeavor and previous athletic experiences. She has drawn on her fencing skills to develop a natural defensive stance and flow on the defensive end. Her determination is evident in the progress she has already made on her jumper and her passing. Her positivity and flexibility are on display every time we move to 2×2 or 3×3, as she refuses to become frustrated while she develops a sense for the flow of the game. Keep up the great work, Natania.​

JV Swimming: Maddie Poole ’21, Janie Doyle ’21 and Jenine Hazlewood ’22
JV swimming is thrilled to announce the naming of three captains for the 2020-2021 season.  Seniors Maddie Poole and Janie Doyle are leaders on the deck and in the pool.  Sources of information and inspiration, they help our many new swimmers become acclimated to the language, structures, and expectations of JV swimming.  Every practice begins with these two swimmers leading the stretching and ends with their happy smiles about a practice well done.  JV swimming has also named junior Jennie Hazlewood as a captain and Door of the Week.  Joining the team as a freshman, she has made incredible strides over the past three years, moving from novice swimmer to remarkable contributor, adding much to team morale and success.  Jennie leads her lane, explaining practice sets encouraging her fellow swimmers to finish strong and just keep going.  We are so happy to have these three outstanding athletes as captains this year.

Last week’s Girls Varsity Swimming DOTW Jing He ’21 announcing Alice Zhang ’24 as this week’s DOTW.

Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving: Alice Zhang ’24

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