Doors of the Week

Congratulations to our first winter 2020-2021 Doors of the Week! With their leadership and positivity , these students have helped their respective teams successfully begin their season!

Theatre: Wilona Wiafe ‘21
This week the Theater Program’s Door of the Week is the much loved Wilona Wiafe ’21. Wilona has played a enormous role in the Theater Program since the 9th Grade. With several memorable performances under her belt, Wilona has also stage-managed a number of productions, and assisted in marketing. This term, Wilona has demonstrated her wide ranging skills yet again by helping to construct the set for the Winter show. We hear that she is more than comfortable with a table saw! Eternally positive, compassionate and genuinely kind to all, Wilona exemplifies the rare “all-rounder” in the world of theater. She brightens every rehearsal. Look out for her forthcoming portrayal of Ma Rainey from August Wilson’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom!

Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving: Cam Howe ’22 & Jing He ’21

Boys Thirds Basketball: Brendan Butz
For our DOTW, we’re going to nominate Brendan Butz. As one of the few returners on the team and unofficial captain this year, Brendan has already emerged as a team leader. He’s been good about showing the new players some of the drills and working with them to demonstrate warm ups, etc.

JV Swimming: Sofia Knoblock ’22 & Jean Jin ’22
A Door of the Week for JV swimming is Sofia Knoblock.  Sofia’s incredible work-ethic and determined focus make her a standout in these first few days in the pool.  She is highly responsive to suggestion and completes her workouts with determined focus.  She is a natural leader, listening carefully and encouraging her teammates.  It is wonderful to have her join the squad and lead her lane with confidence and enthusiasm.

JV Swimming is happy to nominate Jean Jin for Door of the Week.  Long before the season started, Jean considered joining the team.  Although she had no experience, she convinced several friends to join her new adventure.  Wildly enthusiastic, Jean relishes the newness of her experience and her laughter echoes across the pool.  She is simply having fun and hoping everyone will join her.  Nothing makes her happier than to learn a new stroke or lead her lane in breaststroke.  She is a welcome addition to this young squad.

Girls Thirds Basketball: Sydney Dinkins ’22
Sydney Dinkins is the ​Door of the Week​. Sydney returned to the court after a 10-month hiatus with the same spirit and positivity she demonstrated last year. She also brought a nice little elbow-three-ball that sounds so sweet when it drops through the net. More importantly, Sydney has been essential to providing important rhythm to our COVID-friendly practices. She runs warm-ups with her playlist blaring through bluetooth, supports her teammates in our drills, and always leads the battle cry that sends us off the court. We are so happy to have you, your voice, and your shot back this year, Sydney!

Girls Thirds Squash: Clara Chae ’23
Clara had the talent to snag the final spot on the JV roster, but we’re grateful she elected to come back to the Thirds team, where she joins just one other returner. She’s already made her veteran presence known, helping her teammates learn everything from the sport’s jargon to the finer points of the lob serve. Her strong work ethic and delightfully dry sense of humor do wonders for morale, and we look forward to seeing her make great strides on the court this season.

Boys Varsity Hockey: Will Holland ’21
Will leads by example. He is consistently positive and elevates his teammates through his intensity and focus on the details. He is the first one on the ice and the last one off. Will has been receptive to feedback, both positive and negative, and has set a great tone as one of our captains.

Girls Varsity Basketball: Angie Czeremcha ’21
We’d like to kick off our season by honoring our senior captain Angie Czeremcha.  She has rallied the team around this year’s team motto: “Fuel the Fire,” kept everyone’s focus and intensity up in practices, and encouraged team unity. Angie has continued to work on her strength, fitness and skills, despite the challenges out of her control, as she prepares to continue her basketball career at Springfield College next year.  She will be ready!

Rec. Hockey: Jack Chorske ’22
Jack was awesome in the snow clean up yesterday. He put in a great effort and smiled the whole time. Jack is a terrific teammate as well. Great attitude and someone who knows how to have fun while doing the work!

Boys JV hockey: Benny Yang ’22
New to the sport is never easy especially in your senior year and especially as a goalie. Benny is in the net facing athletes who have played this sport for a dozen years or more in some cases. It takes the heart of a lion to face blistering shots when you yourself are struggling to stay on your feet. Benny comes to practice every day with a smile and gives his team a full effort. We are glad you are with us Benny. Keep up the great effort!!

Wrestling: Stone Anderson ’23; Xavier Aviles ’24; Sophia Burke ’23; Dylan Camp ’24; Camila Cushman ’24; Kai Darrell ’24; Zed Deas ’23; Robbie Hua ’24; Ainslie Kell ’23; Josephine Louis ’23; Juliette Lowe ’21; Kathrine Margulis ’24; Grayson Massey ’22; Bob Provost ’23; Brady Read ’24; Koai Solano Ortiz ’24; Abdiel Torres ’22; Joe LoChiatto ’22
It is never easy to learn a new sport – especially a grappling sport in the time of COVID – but this resilient group of first-year wrestlers have come to practice every single day with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.  To all of our first-year wrestlers: your hard work this winter continues to motivate your teammates and coaches!  The future of Deerfield Wrestling is bright because of you!

Go Big Green!