Congrats to our Winter Athletic Award Winners!

At this morning’s School Meeting, we celebrated the 2022-23 Winter Athletic Award winners across all of our winter sports teams. Congrats to everyone who received an award and keep up the great work heading into spring!

Scroll for the full list of this year’s award winners:


Most Improved Player

WINNER: Cori A. Scagel


Most Valuable Player

WINNER: Georgia B. Sackrey    


The Keller-Birrell Award (Coaches Cup – renamed Feb. 2013)

For that player who manifests the spirit of Robin Keller and Katie Birrell, Class of 1992.

They led by example and played with intensity, courage, and passion.

WINNER: Meghan M. Holland    



Deerfield Basketball Trophy (MVP)

WINNER: Natrel E. Allen


Most Improved Player (MIP)

WINNER: Chandler A. Dicks


HOCKEY – Girls

Most Valuable Player    

WINNER: Kaley R. MacDonald


The 7th Player Award

WINNER: Callia Ferraris



The Deerfield Hockey Cup

To that senior who in the opinion of the players and coaches

contributed most to the spirit and excellence of Deerfield hockey.

WINNER: Owen G. Clifford


The 7th Player Award

WINNERS: Thomas A. M. Moreau & Ryan W. McHugh                  


SKIING – Girls

The Philip H. Ball Jr. Ski Trophy

To that member of the Deerfield Ski Team who has a genuine concern for the ski program’s success and who has similarly shown a loyalty to the concept of team skiing.

WINNER: Cornelia C. Streeter   


Best Skier/Brooke Gonzales ‘97 Cup

WINNER: Booie R. Blazak



The Arthur H. Ruggles Jr. ’33 Ski Award

Chosen by coaches, it is given to a member of the ski team who most represents dedication to and love for Deerfield simply by doing his best for the school through the ski team.  The award honors the memory of Art, Deerfield faculty 1937-1970, ski coach, and loyal son of Deerfield.

WINNERS: Bob Zhang & Joe R. Brown


The J. Scott Kelnberger ’79 Most Valuable Skier Award

Given to a member of the boys’ ski team who is the most valuable member of the team, whose unselfish competitiveness best exemplifies the winning spirit of the team while honoring Scott’s great spirit, love of Deerfield, and his inherent goodness towards people.

WINNERJohnny Monty



Most Valuable Swimmer

WINNER:   Alessia E. Root         


The Coaches’ Award

WINNER:  Rachel H. Mark          



Noel J. Stace Challenge Cup

To that senior who has come up through the swimming system who has demonstrated ability, leadership, improvement and devotion to the sport.

WINNERS: Forrest S. Gao, Alessandro Turchetta


John A. Pigeon Award

To be given to that senior who in the opinion of the coaches is the outstanding swimmer on the basis of his contribution to the sport.

WINNER:  Totton A. Heffelfinger


SQUASH – Girls

The Karinne Heise Cup

In Honor of Karinne Heise – head girls varsity squash coach, 1989-2019.

Given annually to a member of the girls varsity squash team who best exemplifies the skills, dedication to the sport, and team-first leadership which were so important to Coach Heise.

WINNER: Mauve S. Baker



Bayne Bowl

In memory of Bruce Bayne – 1944

To that player who exemplifies the qualities Bruce Bayne ’44 brought to the game of squash while at Deerfield.  His championship qualities of natural talent, sportsmanship, leadership and the will to be the best are what the game of squash is all about.

The recipient of this award should be proud of and build on her accomplishments in squash and in life

Winner: Bennett Y. Eun



Deerfield Academy Wrestling Trophy

Awarded to that member of the varsity wrestling team who in the opinion of the team and coaches was outstanding in leadership, sportsmanship, and ability.

Winner: Jackson D. Collins                               


WINTER SUB VARSITY AWARDS                                                                                                                        


Boys’ JV Basketball > Most Improved Player > Mac Hynds

Boys’ JV Basketball > Most Valuable Player > Max Peh

Girls’ JV Basketball >Most Valuable Player (2) > Eleanor Dupont & Jasmine Irizarry

Boys’ Thirds Basketball > Most Improved Player (2) > Arvin Mou & Jayden Hierro Komarnicki 

Girls Thirds Basketball > Most Improved Player > Harmoni Dobbins

Boys’ JV Hockey > Most Valuable Player > Nick Gerard

Girls’ JV Hockey > Most Improved Player > Elle Stearns

Boys’ JV Squash > Most Improved Player > Rhys Polcari

Girls’ JV Squash > Most Improved Player > Claire Kepner

Boys’ Thirds Squash > Most Improved Player > Thomas Unkles

Boys’ Thirds Squash > Most Valuable Player > Joe Berman

Girls’ Thirds Squash > Most Improved Player > Sunshine Chen

Girls’ Thirds Squash > Most Valuable Player > Olivia Port

JV Swimming > Most Improved Swimmer > Melody Zhao

JV Swimming > Most Valuable Swimmer > Miu Yatsuka