Boys Rowing Alums Head to Collegiate National Championship Regatta

This weekend from June 2nd-4th, the best college rowing teams from across the country will assemble at Lake Natoma in Gold River, CA for the Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) National Championship. Throughout the course of the three-day regatta, a number of Deerfield rowing alums will compete in a variety of different events.

The following is a list of the Big Green alums currently rowing at their respective colleges:

  • Alex Devries (DA ’15) Brown Heavy ‘19
  • Caleb Friends (DA ’16) Brown Heavy ‘20
  • Rich Caputo (DA ’14) Brown Heavy ’18
  • Henry Sanford (DA ’15) Dartmouth Heavy ‘19
  • Charlie Ughetta (DA ’15) Princeton Light ‘19
  • Bryce Klehm (DA ’15) University of Pennsylvania Light ‘19
  • David Lucente (DA ’14) University of Pennsylvania Heavy ‘19
  • Riker Bixby (DA ’15) MIT Heavy ‘19
  • Sam Armstrong (DA ’15) Williams ‘19

Although not all of them will be competing at IRAs, the list above is evidence of the strength of the Deerfield rowing team and the number of athletes that go on to compete for some of the most decorated collegiate programs.

With potential personnel changes leading into the weekend, it is unclear who will be rowing in which boat, but the following teams with Deerfield alums will be sending boats to Lake Natoma:

  • Brown (Varsity 8 Heavy, 2nd 8-Heavy, 3rd 8-Heavy, Varsity 4)
  • Dartmouth (Varsity 8-Heavy, 2nd 8-Heavy, 3rd 8-Heavy, Varsity 4)
  • Princeton (Varsity 8-Heavy, 2nd 8-Heavy, 3rd 8-Heavy, 1st 4-Light, 1st 8-Light, 1st 4-Light w/o Cox)
  • UPENN (Varsity 8-Heavy, 2nd 8-Heavy, Varsity 4, 1st 8-Light, 1st 4-Light, 1st 4-Light w/o Cox)
  • MIT (Varsity 4)

You can follow the action live, by clicking here.

Good luck to all of our alums competing this weekend!