Soccer (Boys): Junior A vs. Loomis Chaffee School (11/08/23 3:00 PM)

Event Details

In the one post-Daylight-Savings week of the season, Deerfield played its “darkest” and coldest game of the year against Loomis. Rematching after a close game six weeks ago, both teams came back determined to show their progress since September. The first half started off slow, as both Deerfield and Loomis were shaking off the cold. As our team warmed up in the first half, Ryan Bai ’26 was pivotal in saving the ball with quick thinking and powerful long balls. After a groggy and back-and-forth first 30 minutes, Jack Wagner ’26 took a ball that Loomis’s keeper had punted, and he converted it into a goal. Just before halftime, Loomis then weaved past our defense and scored. Going into the second half, both teams stepped up their game. 7 minutes in, Luka Kokosadze ’25 hit the crossbar, and Wagner, at the right place at the right time, shot a rebound from the left and scored. A few minutes later, after several swift and sharp passes between Deerfield’s midfielders and forwards, Tommy Govi ’26 as holding midfielder shot from outside the 18-yard. With the whole team riding on this momentum, Jeremy Tadesse ’26 passed the ball up to Jack Webb ’27, whose shot was deflected by the Loomis keeper; then, Isaac Shobola ’27 thought quickly on his feet and scored. In the very last minute of the game, with an assist from Webb, Wagner scored a third goal, securing his second hat trick of the season. The 5-1 score obscures how close the game could have been without the skillful saves of keeper Jerry Du ’27, and the whole team’s success depended on 80 minutes of non-stop defense from Sammy Sullivan ’25. The team looks forward to resting up before they face off against Choate in the first competition of the 101st Deerfield-Choate day this Saturday.