Soccer (Boys): Junior A vs. NMH (10/04/23 2:30 PM)

Event Details

After a tough match against Cardigan on Saturday, Deerfield faced yet another intimidating opponent today: NMH. Throughout the match, Deerfield’s energy wavered, perhaps in part because of the¬†unseasonably warm October afternoon, resulting in some imperfect touch and less-than-forceful passes. After NMH scored a quick goal in the first five minutes, Victor Kibuuka ’26 took an opportunity from left wing to score at minute 10. Though Deerfield put in a good effort, NMH found and took advantage of gaps in our formation, leading them to secure a decisive 5-1 victory. While the official score left a sour taste in the Doors’ mouths, it also put a fire in the team for subsequent practices, as their agenda will focus on tuning up defense and dealing with crowding and pressure from an opponent. The team is eager to apply those lessons in the next match at Wilbraham & Monson Academy on Saturday.