Soccer, Boys: Junior A loses to Cardigan Mountain School

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Boys Junior A Soccer lost their first game of the season, defeated 3-0 by Cardigan Mountain School on Saturday afternoon in Canaan, New Hampshire. Deerfield struggled against an especially skilled, agressive Cardigan attack. The team made some adjustments in the second half, however, and showed improved ball-handling and decision-making they can build on this season. Sophomore Taeeon Kong had a standout performance in the defeat, upping his signature explosive speed and fearlessness at the stopper position. Senior defensive back Atang Peloewetse showed toughness and intelligence, and ninth-grader Darien Chiang continued to make good things happen on the field by always going hard to the ball. Cardigan alum Alex Strait, the Deerfield back, had yet another strong game, as did keepers Crawford Rice and Bob Zhang. The team now looks to its Wednesday March at home against Northfield Mount Hermon.