Soccer, Girls: Junior Varsity defeats St. Paul’s

Event Details

In the JV squad’s toughest match up so far this season, they persevered against a deep St. Pauls team for a 2-0 victory. Goals were scored by Caroline Hoff ’22 for her first of the season on a beautiful rebound, and Kikka Guidici ’20. Both were assisted by Sarah Stonestreet ’21 who had a beautiful game against her former alma mater.

The shots were evenly matched the entire game and so were the teams. St. Paul’s was incredibly fast and tested our defense but DA prevailed and through several strong plays by Kate Hickey ’20, Isabella Geraci ’19, Sarah Wright ’21, and Kristine Yang ’21, they stopped them. Of special note were our corners both for and against, and the play in the midfield. Kat Hioe ’20 made some amazing saves that were key in the last few minutes when St. Paul’s was knocking on our door. After the game the team went to support other DA teams to victory!