Request to Miss Classes

Deerfield Academy believes that attendance in class is essential to individual academic success and community health. However, when appropriate opportunities to pursue off-campus enrichment arise, students may fill out an official Request to Miss Class.

Students are permitted to miss a maximum of eight (8) combined class days for Pursuits of Excellence, College Visits or other reasons each academic year (no more than 6 days missed per term). Exceptions to the 8-day limit must be approved through the Academic Affairs Office. Requests must be received at least three (3) days prior to the event. Forms submitted within three days of departure may be assigned APs, just as a late weekend overnight form would be.

To use the request form, your absence should fall in one of the three following categories:

  1. Pursuit of Excellence (POE policy): A Pursuit of Excellence request is a request to miss classes for a non-school-sponsored event that furthers a student’s desire to seek improvement in an avocation. For example, an academic conference or competition, an athletic tournament, or a performing arts audition. These requests are reviewed by the Academic Affairs Office.
  2. College Visits: A College Visit is a request to miss classes to visit a prospective college for a tour, overnight visit, or athletic recruitment (official or unofficial). College Visits are approved through the College Advising Office for 11th and 12th graders. Prior to 11th grade, the request typically goes to the Student Life Office as outlined in “Other Requests to Miss Classes” below. Juniors and seniors must speak with their college advisors to plan any college visits, including athletic recruiting trips, prior to submitting a form. (College Advising contact info).
  3. Other Request to Miss Classes: The “Other” or simply “Request to Miss Classes” category is used for all other (non-health-related) requests to miss class. Requests in this category may include family events, such as weddings and funerals, college visits prior to 11th grade, religious observances, job/internship interviews, etc. These requests are reviewed by the Student Life Office.

Please note the Request to Miss Classes Form is not intended for medical absences or family emergencies. Any absence related to medical issues (such as doctor’s appointments, injury, surgery, or chronic illness) must be approved through the Health Center. Parents or guardians are asked to call the Health Center directly (413-774-1600) to discuss their child’s plans.  For emergencies (such as the passing of a family member) that will affect a student’s attendance, please call the Student Life Office (413-774-1452).

Any student requesting to miss class should make sure they are aware of the 20% Rule policy (found in the Student Handbook under the 20% Rule), and, if their request is approved, students should be sure to inform their teacher(s) of their upcoming absence(s) and arrange to make up missed work.

All requests must be entered on the Electronic Signout form on DAinfo. Log in to the DAinfo page and select “Electronic Signout” under My Actions.