“Silence is God’s first language; everything else is a poor translation.” Thomas Keating, DA ’40 At times, silence can communicate expression and thought clearly; at

Native America

Native people inhabited the Americas well before Europeans arrived on large ships in the 16th century. The contributions of Native cultures are inextricably tied to

Inside Out

Coming to Terms With Climate Change. This course will use non fiction, fiction, poetry and documentary film to establish an understanding of the origins and

Seeing Society

“Who are we? How did we get here? Where are we headed?” When scholars ask these questions about American society, the answers can take the

Mind, Meaning and Reality

This one-term course examines a wide range of philosophical questions and problems, drawing on both classical and contemporary readings. Students will be exposed to a

The Philosophy of Happiness

This course will examine a range of questions about the nature of happiness. What is happiness, and why does it matter? Is it the main


Justice. Equality. Dignity. Freedom. Responsibility. In Ethics, students explore these and other key ethical concepts. In this class, we will practice skillful use of clear,

Political Philosophy

This course tackles the big questions that shape our modern lives: What is justice? What is liberty? What is equality? When is the state allowed

Religions of the World

The course begins and concludes with an examination and analysis of religious questions in the broadest sense. What is religion and what does it attempt

Jan Flaska

Jan Flaska came to the Deerfield Academy community in the fall of 2005.  He is the Dean of Spiritual and Ethical Life, he currently teaches

Jamie Frank

Jamie Frank graduated summa cum laude from Duke University, where she majored in psychology, earned a certificate in education, tutored in after-school programs, and won a