Boarding School Books

This course will present opportunities for students to explore, interrogate, and reflect upon the experience of elite, residential learning. In the course of reading fiction

Literature of Passing

Sarah Resnick in The New Yorker frames the idea of racial passing in an article on Brit Bennett’s novel, The Vanishing Half: “From the antebellum

Growing Up Girl

This course starts with Jo March, the star of Little Women and the nineteenth century’s most famous literary girl, because Jo March had a problem.

Off the Shelf: A Tutorial

The tutorial approach to learning is a very old method of education that allows students to explore ideas on their own terms. For this class,

Creative Nonfiction Workshop

Literature has an historical precedent of transmuting the realities of human existence into compelling narratives, thus accommodating an impulse articulated by Nietzsche when he wrote,

Black Women’s Writing

This course focuses on the ways in which in the past two centuries Black women writers have engaged with the intersection of Blackness and femaleness

American Identities

America comprises a patchwork of ethnicities, races, religions, and personal experiences. As the country has grown over the past 250 years, individuals have struggled to

American Voices

In this course, we will use a wide range of American short stories, poems, and novels to sample the many voices and issues that have

American Understandings

So often we arrive at new understanding through experience. Working from this premise, we will encounter a range of writers across the American experience whose

Voices & Visions of Justice

Empathetically envisioning the ideals of equitable societies and developing their distinctive, expressive voices as writers and thinkers, ninth graders explore familiar and unfamiliar lives and

American Studies

An interdisciplinary, co-requisite course combining Honors US. History and eleventh-grade English, American Studies tracks intersecting threads of history, literature, art, and culture throughout the development

The Craft of College Writing

This one-term course offers seniors an opportunity to strengthen their academic writing before they head off to college. The course is designed not only to