The Graphic Novel

Sequential art has existed in various forms for just about as long as humans have been writing stories; the Bayeux Tapestry depicts the 1066 Norman

Black Women’s Writing

This course focuses on the ways in which in the past two centuries Black women writers have engaged with the intersection of Blackness and femaleness

Literature of Passing

Sarah Resnick in The New Yorker frames the idea of racial passing in a recent article on Brit Bennett’s novel, The Vanishing Half: “From the

Coming of Age Stories

In this course we will study 20th and 21st century stories by several African American writers that center on young black protagonists in search of

Modern Short Stories

In this course we will investigate the making of the modern short story as explored by a variety of multicultural writers of color in their

The Art of Detection

The modern detective story is said to have its beginnings in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” (1841). Poe may have given

Dramatic Fault Lines

Dramatists expose the lies and illusions that can rend the social, familial, or political fabrics individuals often take for granted. Students will explore how those

River & Rock: Reading the Land

In this course, students will participate in outdoor excursions to contemplate their relationship to the natural world. Contemporary environmental writers such as Robin Wall Kimmerer,

Writing on the Edge

For people marginalized from the mainstream American imaginary, movement is deemed unruly, but artists have creatively taken up ways to resist and take flight to

The Capstone Project

The Capstone is a self directed, writing and research project that takes place over the course of an entire term. It is more than just

Shakespeare: Forgiving Spirits

Encountering Shakespeare’s The Tempest and The Winter’s Tale, plays that favor redemption over revenge, students will explore the ways the artistic and social contexts in

Shakespeare: Wondrous Women

Finding their own powers in the realms ordinarily ruled by men, the women in the comedies, often in different guises, challenge conventions and redefine the