Health Seminar II

Health Seminar II is a tenth grade course seeking to support ongoing student awareness of issues related to mental health, healthy relationships, and addiction. Building

Intro to Urban Design

Why is our built environment so ugly? What can we learn from existing cities, like Charleston, Cartagena, and Paris? Students will utilize readings, drawing and

Intro to Architecture

Haven’t you always wanted to be an architect? This course introduces students to major movements and themes in architecture, significant architects and buildings throughout history,

Off the Shelf: A Tutorial

The tutorial approach to learning is a very old method of education that allows students to explore ideas on their own terms. For this class,

Intro to Film and Video

This course offers an opportunity for creative expression through the medium of videography. For inspiration, we will study current films and the history of film


What does it mean to do the right thing, to be a good person, to live a good life? In Ethics, students explore these and

Writer’s Craft

This one-term course offers students an opportunity for focused writing practice. Honing and developing their skills in grammar, organization, use of evidence, and argument, students

Documentary Filmmaking

By combining the historian’s traditional tools of research and writing with the ability to harness sound and visuals, documentaries play a powerful role in shaping

Civil Engineering

In this course, students will study, design, and build permanent infrastructure systems. The course is organized around increasingly complex hands-on challenges starting with basic construction

Art of Seeing & Photographing

The Art of Seeing and Photographing: Foundations of Visual Communication and Photography Skills This introductory photography course provides a foundational experience in the art of

Shakespeare: Forsaken Friends

Even the strongest friendships in Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies grow fragile within the romantic, familial, or political disruptions. Without losing sight of those larger forces,

Dear Reader: Lives of Letters

Let’s read dead people’s mail. Now, you might be wondering, why we ought to spend a term doing something as nosy as that? It is