Writer’s Craft

In this single term course, students will gain writing skills focused on grammar, organization, analysis, understanding evidence, and constructing arguments. In a once-a-week workshop, students

Digital Filmmaking

We will create ambitious video projects while taking inspiration from the history of filmmaking and its latest innovations. Storytelling through film will be our focus.

Intro to Urban Design

This course consists of a study of the forms of cities throughout history, both built and unbuilt. Through readings, discussions, and drawings, the design of

Honors Physics: E & M 1

This is a second year course for students who have a serious interest in studying physics beyond the introductory level; it is the first term

Honors Physics: Mechanics 2

A continuation of Honors Physics: Mechanics 1, this is the second term of a two term sequence preparing students for the AP Physics C exam

Molecules and Energy

Modern humans benefit from the natural and unnatural synthesis of molecules exhibiting useful properties. Some of these compounds exhibit the ability to store and release

Native America

Native people inhabited the Americas well before Europeans arrived on large ships in the 16th century. The contributions of Native cultures are inextricably tied to

The Graphic Novel

Sequential art has existed in various forms for just about as long as humans have been writing stories; the Bayeux Tapestry depicts the 1066 Norman

Modern Short Stories

In this course we will investigate the making of the modern short story as explored by a variety of multicultural writers of color in their

Dramatic Fault Lines

Dramatists expose the lies and illusions that can rend the social, familial, or political fabrics individuals often take for granted. Students will explore how those

Shakespeare: Wondrous Women

Finding their own powers in the realms ordinarily ruled by men, the women in the comedies, often in different guises, challenge conventions and redefine the

Intro to Studio Art

Anyone can learn how to draw! This course is intended to be a first experience in the visual arts. Students will be introduced to the