Creative Nonfiction Workshop

Literature has an historical precedent of transmuting the realities of human existence into compelling narratives, thus accommodating an impulse articulated by Nietzsche when he wrote,

Matters of Perspective

Starting with Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon, the classic Japanese film told in multiple viewpoints, students will begin to consider the way writers and artists manipulate personal,

War, Ideology & Revolution

What motivates people to do good or evil? What is it like to live in a society that does not value truth? How do wars

Exploring Race & Racism

What is race? What is racism? How did the concept of race emerge and (how) has the understanding of what race means changed over time?


Justice. Equality. Dignity. Freedom. Responsibility. In Ethics, students explore these and other key ethical concepts. In this class, students will practice skillful use of clear,

Philosophy of Art

In this class, students will explore some of the most popular topics in contemporary philosophical debates about art. We will discuss what constitutes a work

Native American Spirituality

Native people inhabited the Americas well before Europeans arrived in the 10th (Norse) and 16th (Iberian) centuries. Native cultures are inextricably tied to the American

Molecules and Energy

This course is intended for students with a high aptitude and genuine interest in chemistry and physics and will cover content at the interface of

Electrical Engineering

In this course, students will study, design, and build electronic circuits and systems. The course is organized around increasingly complex hands-on challenges starting with basic

Intro to Photography

This course offers instruction with formal skills and an opportunity for creative expression through the medium of photography. For inspiration, the class will study current

Intro to Film and Video

This course offers an opportunity for creative expression through the medium of videography. For inspiration, we will study current films and the history of film

Intro to Architecture

Haven’t you always wanted to be an architect? This course introduces students to major movements and themes in architecture, significant architects and buildings throughout history,