Writer’s Craft

In this single term course, students will gain writing skills focused on grammar, organization, analysis, understanding evidence, and constructing arguments. In a once-a-week workshop, students

Digital Filmmaking

We will create ambitious video projects while taking inspiration from the history of filmmaking and its latest innovations. Storytelling through film will be our focus.

Honors Physics: Mechanics 2

A continuation of Honors Physics: Mechanics 1, this is the second term of a two term sequence preparing students for the AP Physics C exam

Honors Physics: Mechanics 1

This is a second year course for students who have a serious interest in studying physics beyond the introductory level; it is the first term

Molecules and Medicine

Modern humans benefit from the natural and unnatural synthesis of molecules exhibiting useful properties. Some of these compounds exhibit medicinal properties or are sometimes labeled

The Philosophy of Happiness

This course will examine a range of questions about the nature of happiness. What is happiness, and why does it matter? Is it the main

River & Rock: Reading the Land

In this course, students will participate in outdoor excursions to contemplate their relationship to the natural world. Contemporary environmental writers such as Robin Wall Kimmerer,

Writing on the Edge

For people marginalized from the mainstream American imaginary, movement is deemed unruly, but artists have creatively taken up ways to resist and take flight to

Shakespeare: Forsaken Friends

Even the strongest friendships in Shakespeare’s comedies, histories, and tragedies grow fragile within the romantic, familial, or political chaos. Without losing sight of those larger

Creative Nonfiction Workshop

Literature has an historical precedent of transmuting the realities of human existence into compelling narratives, thus accommodating an impulse articulated by Nietzsche when he wrote,

Slavery’s Literary Legacy

In this course we will examine 20th and 21st century American portrayals of slavery through creative works and situate them in their historical contexts. We

Matters of Perspective

Starting with Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon, the classic Japanese film told in multiple viewpoints, students will begin to consider the manner in which writers and artists