Latin 2H: Foundations 2H

This course represents an accelerated version of Latin 200. Assuming a solid foundation in Latin vocabulary and morphology, Latin 200A will cover the remainder of

Latin 2: Foundations 2

In this course, we construct a solid foundation in Latin, seeking to read extended Latin prose texts (adapted) and gain sufficient knowledge to understand these

Voices & Visions of Justice

Envisioning the demands of equitable societies and developing their distinctive, expressive voices as writers and thinkers, ninth graders explore familiar and unfamiliar lives and dilemmas

Advanced Chamber Music

This course offers our most advanced instrumentalists the opportunity to work in small ensembles, learning and performing repertoire by the worldís greatest composers. Class time

Chinese 3

In this intermediate level course, students reinforce what they have acquired in the previous levels and expand and deepen their skills in listening, speaking, reading,

Advanced Seminar in Spanish

This is a topic course for advanced speakers of Spanish who have finished Spanish VI at Deerfield Academy. It is a course especially designed for

AP Statistics

This course follows the Advanced Placement Statistics syllabus, which introduces studentsto the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data.Students are

Intro to Studio Art

This course is intended to be a first experience in the visual arts. It prepares students for AP Studio Art by introducing the fundamentals of

Acting I

This course explores the basic principles of acting including ensemble building, improvisation, voice, movement, textual analysis and theater vocabulary. Class assignments include writing and performing

Chinese 4

This course aims to develop competency in advanced Chinese with an emphasis on fluency ofspoken language, reading, and writing. A variety of authentic materials is

Algebra I-101

This is a course in first year algebra with emphasis on such topics as the properties of the real number system, solving first degree sentences

Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra begins with the concept of systems of linear equations. From this foundation, Linear Algebra uses the mathematical objects and operations derived from vectors