A Confluence of Culture

The steady flow of the St. Lawrence River, from the Great Lakes, to the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the Atlantic, further carving its name into the river basin for the confluence of so many rivers along such a long stretch, serves apropos of the confluence of so many different cultures in such a variety of historic eras: First Nations people and Inuit communities who are the historic anchor to what Quebec once was and what it is now; Protestant English and Catholic French settlers competing through conflict for the abundance of natural resources in the region; the modern era of French immigrants to a French-speaking Canadian province; and 20th century Iroquois workers who built the bridges that cross the St. Lawrence and the buildings that constitute Quebec City’s picturesque horizon. This confluence of the natural world and the people that inhabit it, will underpin our exploration of Quebec City.

A group of students will travel to Quebec City during the Long Winter Weekend. Students will explore historic sites and museums while experiencing Quebec City in its most famous version: The Annual Winter Carnival, a nearly 130 year-old tradition. 

Program Notes

  • During this trip, students will stay in hotels. Meals will be shared at hotels, restaurants, or picnic-style.
  • This travel program takes place during the entirety of Long Winter Weekend. Students will depart campus together on Thursday, Feb. 2 and return to campus together on Feb. 6.
  • Depending on your nationality, a tourist visa may be required to travel to Quebec City. Please click here to check if you will need a tourist visa to visit Quebec.

Program Dates

February 2 – 6, 2023 (Long Winter Weekend)

Program Eligibility

This program is open to all students with a preference towards those who have a demonstrated interest in Canadian history. All interested students are encouraged to apply by November 6. Financial Aid is available to all qualifying students. 

Faculty Trip Leaders

  • Jan Flaska; Alexandra Newlon

Approx. trip cost: $2,500 (*includes roundtrip bus from DA)

Deerfield Academy’s Center for Service and Global Citizenship strives to make all of our travel programs affordable and accessible for all students while ensuring a high quality global education experience. While the costs of travel around the world have been rising steadily over the past several years, all of our trips are subsidized, and thanks to the generosity of many we are able to provide robust financial aid for qualifying students.

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2023 Itinerary

*This itinerary is subject to change.

Thursday, February 2:

  • Travel from Deerfield Academy to Quebec City

Friday, February 3:

  • Winter Carnival Quebec City
  • Visit La Citadelle de Québec

Saturday, February 4:

  • Mont-Saint-Anne  – Cross Country Skiing
  • Visit St. Anne de Beaupré Shrine on the way back to Quebec City
  • Evening at Winter Carnival

Sunday, February 5:

  • Visit Musée de la Civilisation – Exhibit: This Is Our Story – First Nations in the 21st Century
  • Winter Carnival Quebec City
  • Dinner at Sagamite Old Quebec (First Nations Restaurant)

Monday, February 6:

  • Travel from Quebec City to Deerfield Academy