Costa Rica Enrollment Information 2023

Congratulations on being selected to travel on the Costa Rica: Biodiversity, Peace, & Wellness travel program! You will travel to Central America to experience the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica. Through scientific observation, outdoor adventure, and immersion in place, you will spend time near the ocean, mountains, volcanos and national parks of Costa Rica to deepen your understanding of flora and fauna of this region and how it relates to human and global wellbeing. 

Enrollment Process:

  1. Review the resources to make an informed decision
    • Once you have read the resources, please contact us if you decide NOT to enroll.
  2. Complete the enrollment paperwork
    • Please note: You will have to print, upload, and mail paperwork as part of this process. Thank you in advance!
  3. Complete payment

1. Review Resources to Make an Informed Decision

As you and your family consider your enrollment, please consult the following resources.

  • Review updated itinerary: Visit the Costa Rica Travel Program page
  • Costa Rica 2023 Travel Medicine Advisory Letter from Dr. Benson, Medical Director of Deerfield Academy
  • CDC and State Department briefings on Costa Rica (A PDF of the CDC page from November 18 can be downloaded here, if you would prefer)
  • Information about International SOS (ISOS), our travel medicine and security services provider
    • If you would like to speak with a medical or security professional at ISOS about the trip, please contact the CSGC.
  • Program Notes:
    • This program conflicts with the March 11 SAT test date.
    • Families are responsible for transportation from U.S.-based airport to the student’s destination for the remainder of March break.
    • This is an “unplugged” trip where students will not have access to cell phones or internet for the duration of their time in Costa Rica. Students and faculty leaders will update families and friends at home through our Notes From The Field blog.
    • During this trip, students will stay in hotels, inns, cabins, and lodges. Many of the accommodations will be rustic. At the research station, students will stay in bunk rooms or cabins, with limited electricity and no AC. They will be asked to be mindful of conserving both power and water during their stay.

2. Complete Enrollment Paperwork

Once you have considered the above information with your parent/guardian and have decided to enroll, please download and complete with your parent/guardian the following forms, if you and your parent/guardian agree to all terms.

If you are choosing not to enroll, please let the Center for Service and Global Citizenship know as soon as possible.

All forms must be submitted by December 12.

1. Download Forms:

2. Scan & Upload:

Once completed, please scan the following:

  • Deerfield Waiver (Please Note: original with student & parent/guardian signatures needs to be mailed in as well)
  • Third Party Provider Form: Envoys Participant Agreement
  • A color copy of your student passport 

To securely upload forms, please choose from the following:

Parent/Guardian secure upload (Please use your parent/guardian DAinfo username and password to login)

DA Employee Parent/Guardian secure upload (Please use your parent/guardian DAinfo username and password to login)

3. Mail Forms:

Once previous steps have been completed, please mail the following original copies with ink signatures:

  • Deerfield Waiver: Deerfield Academy’s Agreement, Waiver, and Release of Liability Form for Costa Rica
  • Third Party Provider Form: Envoys Participant Agreement
  • Travel Health Questionnaire

Mail to:

The Center for Service and Global Citizenship
Deerfield Academy
7 Boyden Ln
Deerfield, MA 01342

3. Complete Payment

A non-refundable trip deposit, paid by check, your online student account via the Diamond Mind portal, or wire transfer is due by December 12. Please see the invitation email for specific payment information, or contact the Center for Service and Global Citizenship Office with questions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Center for Service and Global Citizenship via email or phone: 413-774-1435.

This page contains enrollment information for students who have been selected for one of our 2023 trips. If you are interested in other Global Studies programs or future travel opportunities, please contact the The Center for Service and Global Citizenship.