Deerfield Academy Help Desk

If you are experiencing any issues with technology during the program, feel free to contact the Deerfield Academy Help Desk for assistance. If you are having difficulty with a particular software that is unique to your class, please reach out to your teacher before contacting the Help Desk.    


Phone: 413-774-1444

Logging Into Your Deerfield Accounts

Please see the email communication that was sent to your personal email account with information about how to access your various Deerfield Accounts. You will use the same log-in information provided in the email to access Canvas, Google Suite, and Outlook Mail. 

Hardware Requirements

To fully engage in the program, students will need a reliable internet connection and a computer or tablet. At a minimum, the connected device should include a webcam, speakers, and microphone and be able to support live video and audio conferencing. In addition, students will at times need to record and upload video and audio files, download content, and access information online from a variety of sources. We will use an assortment of online applications throughout the program and access to these will be provided by The Experimentory. Teachers will communicate any additional specific technical requirements for courses directly to students in advance of the start of the program.

Software Requirements

Our goal is to keep PERISCOPE simple, safe, and accessible the summer. Students should have their necessary accounts set up and be ready to access the following software prior to the first day of the program. See the instructions above and in the email that was sent to you with specific details about getting logged into your accounts. 

  • Zoom (video conferencing)- This will be the primary means of synchronous meetings and classes. All Zoom sessions will be recorded.
  • Google Suite- Google Suite offers a variety of applications including Docs, Slides, etc. that will be used this summer. 
  • Outlook- Outlook will be the email service used this summer and will be one of the primary communication tools students and teachers will use. Students should be checking their email often throughout the program. 
  • Canvas- Canvas is the learning management system we will primarily use this summer. You will have a different Canvas page for each of your courses as well as your sections of Leadership in Community. Each teacher will use Canvas in different ways but this is where the majority of your class materials will live and assignments will be posted. 

Some courses may also use additional software specific to that class. Any software required for specific courses will be communicated directly to the students enrolled in those courses.