Personal Workspaces

Setting Up Your Personal Workspace

You will likely be more successful this summer in maximizing your creativity and character if you can find a space to work that offers some privacy and freedom from distractions. You’ll want to choose a spot to work that you feel comfortable interacting with your peers, have the space necessary to be involved in all activities, and don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone else around you. 

If possible, try finding a location that you can leave set up as your personal workspace during the program. Keep in mind the following tips when choosing your workspace:

  • Have all the supplies you may need for your courses easily accessible from your workspace so you are ready for whatever comes up.
  • You’ll need some sort of solid work surface, like a desk or table. This will offer a stable platform for your electronics as well as room for whatever activities you are doing during class. 
  •  Make sure your workspace has adequate lighting so you can be seen by your teachers and classmates. 
  • Ensure that your workspace allows you to clearly hear your teachers, advisors, and classmates, and they can hear you without lots of background noise or distractions. 
  • Since much of PERISCOPE will take place over Zoom, you’ll want to set up your digital device so that you can easily see the screen and others can see you.  
  • A strong reliable internet connection will be key to fully engaging with the program this summer. Test out your workspace to ensure the location offers an adequate internet connection.

Tools and Materials

While we will all be engaging with each other virtually this summer, it will be important for you to work closely with a parent or guardian to make sure you are prepared to use any materials and tools safely. Be sure to get permission from a parent or guardian before using any tools, and if they don’t feel comfortable with you using something, let your teacher know and they will help you improvise!