Daily Schedule (EST)

8:00 AM                 Wanted: Space Explorers!
9:00 AM                 3-D Design: From the Desktop to the City – and Back
10:00 AM                Leadership in Community- Section 1 and 2
11:00 AM                 3-D Design: From the Desktop to the City – and Back
11:00 AM                 For the Sake of Argument: Exploring Ethical Issues
12:00 PM                Wanted: Space Explorers!
7:00 PM                 Digital Images, Voices, and Sounds
8:00 PM                 Talk the Talk: Speaking and Performing with Confidence
9:00 PM                 Leadership in Community- Section 3

PERISCOPE Program Element Descriptions:


The synchronous class meeting is a time for the whole class to come together at one time. While it is preferred that students in the class are available to connect at this time, all sessions will be recorded and we will work with individual students that are unavailable. Once you have access to your online course materials, please inform your teacher if you know of any sessions you will miss.

Open studio time is an optional time offered to students that will be facilitated differently depending on the course and current projects students are working on. Your teacher will give you more information about how they plan to use this time during the program. Teacher’s may choose to use this time as open office hours for you to ask them questions, time for you to get together with a group to work on a project, or just time to work independently at the same time as your classmates. There may also be times when there will not be open studio time.

Each teacher will provide you with a link to schedule 1:1 meetings with them at a time that works best for you. While 1:1 meetings can be scheduled throughout the week, Monday’s are a great day for this since we do not have synchronous class meetings on this day.
Asynchronous course work can be completed at whatever time fits your schedule best. Each teacher will let you know when you should have coursework complete and when assignments are due.

Leadership in Community is a small group experience that will be the backbone of PERISCOPE this summer. Leadership in Community will provide opportunities for students to connect and build relationships with peers from all over the world in a fun and social setting. Each small group will take part in the same activities as a way to connect with the larger PERISCOPE community through shared experiences. During Leadership in Community students will take a deep dive into building their leadership and communication skills as a means of better understanding themselves and how they fit into the world.

Sit-Down Meals

Sit-down meals are an important part of Deerfield’s traditions. While we won’t necessarily be sharing a meal together during our sit-down’s this summer, we will embrace the same sense of community that comes from this tradition!

Join us on Thursday’s during PERISCOPE for a Q&A style session where a new guest each week will share information and answer questions from students about different elements of life at Deerfield Academy. See the schedule below for the topic each week. This is an optional opportunity for students and is not a required event. All Sit-down meals will be recorded and available for students to watch if they are unable to attend. If you can’t attend but would still like to ask a question, feel free to email it to experimentory@deerfield.edu. See your Leadership in Community Canvas page for the Zoom link each week. 

July 8TH- 10:40 AM EST: Academic’s 

July 15TH- 10:40 AM EST and 9:40 PM EST: Admissions (both sessions will include the same information)

July 22ND- 10:40 AM EST: Life Outside the Classroom