Summer CSGC Grant Update: Making an Impact Through Free Haircuts

This summer I was able to use my grant to give 100 free hair cuts in Chicago. I went to a few festivals and even an autism walk. I feel the most impactful part of my experience was being able to talk to my clients. Getting to know strangers I had never met through cutting their hair made me appreciate each cut. I realized that as a barber people are willing to open up to me since they already trust me with their hair. I have already given nine hair cuts since being back on campus and hope to continue cutting hair. I don’t have any interest in being a barber but being of service to my community was so fulfilling. The most frequent question I got was why do you not charge. Although many people told me I was better than their own barbers and advised me to charge, I always told them I gain so much more fulfillment by doing it as an act of service. I have learned through this grant that being a leader is serving your community without expecting anything in return. To be the best leader I must become the best, most selfless servant.

-Ephraim ’24