Summer CSGC Grant Update: Foundation Beauty – Beauty & Hygiene Kits

After researching and looking at samples for the differences between reusable sanitary pads and menstrual cups, I decided that the pads would better suit the donations since the size is less variable and will work for many more people. This summer Foundation Beauty donated our beauty and hygiene kits and 200 reusable sanitary pads to the nonprofit Poetic. There are still leftover pads that will be used in donations this fall. Many of the students we served and the staff at Poetic had never seen reusable pads before and exclaimed “That is such a good idea!” Some of the pads were handed out to the students present while others were put into the stock for the girls who visit the center periodically to use. Not only are these reusable pads good for the environment, but they can be reused numerous times and will last the girls a lot longer than a box of regular pads would.

In addition, I bought reusable tote bags in bulk along with a screen printer in preparation for the wall in which I will screen print a logo of DEERFIELD X FOUNDATION BEAUTY to commemorate the grant during my Cocurricular Alternative for Foundation Beauty as well as a club activity. Because of cost efficiency in the past we have used large clear plastic bags to hold all of the beauty and hygiene products but these bags are single-use plastic and not very durable. These tote bags will come in handy in our future donations.

I am so grateful to the CSGC and the Workman family for your support of Foundation Beauty and the environment!!

For more information about Foundation Beauty:
Instagram: foundationbeauty

-Isabelle ’24