Summer CSGC Grant Update: Aqua Cleaner

With my CGSC grant, I developed a device that collects trash out of the water. After lots of trouble shooting through flaws with the new design, I was able to create a version that worked much better. Firstly, I had some issues with flotation and the tides, but I was able to figure that out by installing particular buoys in the device. Additionally, I had issues with creating a strong flow but by creating smaller holes for the water to go through, I was able to amplify its pulling effects.

The device worked pretty well in the water. It collected things like bottle caps, cigarettes, little pieces of plastic, and rope. However, it also collected lots of seaweed which was a nuisance. The trash that was taken out of the ocean however helped clean up the waters which helped protect the ocean, fish, and the fisheries in my hometown.

Overall, the building process taught me how to troubleshoot through an issue to overcome a design flaw and to keep an open mind during the design process. It also taught me a lot about what lies in our ocean and why we should work to clean it up.

-Katie ’24