Dorm Olympics this Sunday (9/17) at 1:30 in the Hess Quad!

The Deerfield Dorm Olympics will be this Sunday(9/17) at 1:30 – 2:30 in the Hess Quad! We have paired dorms into teams with an assigned colors to wear during the event. The list at the bottom shows the pairing and their colors. Meat Club will be Grilling at the event!

Dorm Olympics has four exciting events: Puzzle competition (which team can make a jigsaw puzzle the fastest), Egg Race (there will be five heats), Paper Airplane throw (which team can fold and throw the furthest paper airplane), and Dodgeball. Dodgeball will be the last event in a tournament style bracket. A mystery prize will be given to the winners as well as the dorm pairing that gets the most attendance. Let’s get everyone out there and have fun!

If you would like to volunteer to set up or ref events please email or or find any of us in person!

Green : Johnson/Simmons
Red : Doubleday/Rosenwald
Blue : Mac/Scaife
White : Poc/LM
Black : Shumway/Denunz
Yellow : Barton/Mather
Pink : Field/JL
Orange : OBC/HS/Jdubs