Summer CSGC Grant Update: Latin Literacy Camp

I held my Latin camp from June 15 – 19, for a total of five days, at the local public library. I had 200 attendees over the course of the five days and was able to collaborate with the librarians to use a conference room with a TV. We focused on a different topic each day with some videos, crafts, grammar, and a game of Jeopardy each day. Our crafts ranged from soldier helmets to homemade togas to Father’s Day cards on the Sunday. We ended the week with a final cumulative Jeopardy that motivated the kids to pay attention and several of them asked to take notes during videos and my explanations! It was a great success, and the kids and parents were all very grateful for this opportunity to learn Latin! I could tell that they really loved coming each day and they even showed up on the weekends! One of the kids even wrote me a thank you card in Latin!

I also finished writing and published my book about the Olympians. It is called Julia Revives Latin with the Olympians and is a fun story for young readers about the gods and goddesses, a topic that captivates many young Classics scholars. I remember loving learning about the powers of the gods and goddesses, and I wanted to write a book that incorporates elements from my hometown into my passion for Latin learning.

Thank you so much to the CSGC and the Workman fund for the opportunity to host a Latin camp in my hometown and publish a book! I learned a lot about myself, my community, and the field of Classics in this process. It was a very rewarding experience and I loved giving back to my hometown!

-Taryn ’24