Summer CSGC Grant Update: Paws4Good

Through my work at local outreach centers in my hometown, I have seen that many of the homeless, people struggling with addiction, and those who are financially disadvantaged have animals they rely on for emotional comfort and support. However, many of these people are unable to afford to keep them. In many cases, this financial strain means animals get abandoned. Other’s report neglecting their own basic needs to make sure their pets’ needs are met first. Through my experience working at outreach centers, and being an animal lover myself, my project this summer has been to grow and expand the reach of my nonprofit Paws4good in an effort to address this need in my community. By partnering with outreach centers, Paws4Good’s mission is to help people who would benefit from the emotional and psychological benefits of having an animal, but don’t have the financial means, such as those who are homeless, to provide their animals with a healthy, stable environment, and to give them the opportunity to experience the healing benefits of animals, while also combatting the number of animals that are abandoned due to an owners inability to provide for them. 

So far this summer I have built a website, attended local networking events, and begun fundraising efforts.

Here is the link to my website:

-Lexie ’24