SAT-Saturday, May 6

The SAT administration is, Saturday May 6. Below you will see the details for the day. Read them carefully and make sure you arrive on time and well-prepared to take the exam.


7:30 am -7:45 am Check-in at the gym. Rooms used: Hale Gym, ATH 3203, ATH 3205
8:00 am Test begins

The test administration will take approximately 4 to 4.5 hours*

Test Day Information:

What to bring/wear:
• Deerfield ID
• Printed Admission Ticket
• #2 pencils (not mechanical)
• Calculator with fully charged battery and back-up if desired
• Casual dress is allowed for standardized testing.
• You may bring snacks and water for breaks, but they must be consumed in the break area.
What NOT to bring:

• Cell phone, tablet, smart watch, or any other smart devices.
Cell phones must be put away! They cannot be left out and visible in the hallway. They must be in a bag, coat pocket etc.

For any questions that you may, please contact or Ms. Kitson

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Good luck on the test!