International Secondary Student Econ Summit

Hello Friends,

We are working on an economic summit for the summer; the premise is students create a 6-10 min presentation (due June 30) on an economic topic they’re interested in and then receive feedback from professors upon their presentation. The online summit is planned for early- or mid-July, and students will share their presentations, and discussions will be held with participants from China, Korea, and New Zealand as organized through friends. It should be quite epic. The main benefit we hope to provide is connecting students with teachers and professors and getting feedback from them, and also with other students from other places.

If you are interested and would like to stay in contact, please fill out this form.

Here’s the more detailed outline for the event and submissions.

The main time commitment should be working on the presentation; the due date is June 30, so, say ~15 hours (assuming extremely high-quality work, the lower end could be ~3.) as well as the one-day online event, though attendance is not required to submit, and we’re still coordinating with professors to set a date.

Thanks for your time, and have a great summer!

Marco F. ’26