Interested in teaching art to Chinese children?

Hi everyone, this is Lily ’23. I have been directing a service program called Your Art that teaches art to Chinese children since 2020. Upon the graduation of many of our members this year, we are trying to pass the team to younger students who are also passionate about teaching. You can apply as a core team member, which is a full-time position, or as a volunteer that helps out with lessons upon call.

If you are bilingual in Chinese, learning Chinese now, or are interested in the culture, I encourage you to apply!

Your art is a non-profit student organization based in Beijing that aims to provide everyone with an art education. Our three main areas of teaching include: identity, art history, and cultural preservation. We frequently host in-person and remote lessons and events for underprivileged students in the Beijing area.

Check out our website to learn more:

If you are interested in joining our core team, please complete your application before the 10th of May. The application is here:

If you have any questions, please contact me, Lily at .