EcoReps Hydrocup Challenge

Deerfield’s EcoReps are hosting an inter-dorm Hydrocup Challenge to encourage water consumption awareness around campus.

For the entire month of April, we will keep track of water usage from Deerfield’s energy dashboard, which provides statistics on water usage (in gallons) for every dorm. Each dorm has a different number of people, so we will divide the total gallons used by the number of people living there to find the average water consumption per person.

The dorm that reduces its water usage per person the most will win a feed and spike ball net.

Why does water usage matter? Most tap water in the U.S. comes from freshwater sources on the surface or aquifers as groundwater. When water levels from our water sources drop, it puts both human and environmental health at risk. With an increasing human population that demands more and more fresh water every day, it is vital for each of us as global citizens to use water as efficiently as possible so that we minimize the depletion of freshwater from natural habitats.

You can decrease your water consumption by taking shorter showers and turning off faucets when not in use. Be mindful of your water usage, but don’t forget personal hygiene! This competition is not an excuse not to shower for a month. Stay sustainably¬†sanitary.

Learn more about the importance of efficient water use from the World Wildlife Fund. Check our new website for more future updates on climate change and sustainable living tips!

Please reach out to Charlotte, Edie, Jade, or Katie with any questions.

Good luck!
The EcoReps and the CSGC