Costa Rica #5: Pura Vida!

Morgan Weitzell ‘ 23 and Clara Chae ’23, describe the groups first full day at Campanario, where the group will be stationed for a couple of days participating in science research projects and team building activities.

Our first full day at Campanario started bright and early at 5:30am for some morning yoga. Then we had a delicious breakfast and set off on a four hour jungle adventure. We split into two groups; Morgan’s tram saw some Coatis, which are mammals related to raccoons that can climb trees. First, they saw a a male Coati, which they knew because it was alone, but a few minutes later, a large group ran through the bushes near the trail. This group was all female and juvenile Coatis. They heard a screaming Scarlet Macaw, as well as Howler and Spider monkeys, but the leafy canopies of the tropical trees obscured her group’s view. At the same time, Clara’s group took an alternative route and saw some Spider monkeys, Howler monkeys, Blue Morpho butterflies, army ants, leaf cutter ants, and a scorpion. Our two groups met in the middle and then headed back for lunch and a swim afterwards. Then we all discussed topics we were interested in from our time at Campanario so far. We split into research groups focusing on wave patterns, hermit crabs, leaf cutter ants, and spiders.

Our group chose spiders, specifically the Golden Orbis, and spent the afternoon forming a questions, hypothesis, and plan for our data collection tomorrow. Right now, we have some down time before dinner and people are passing the time playing card games and talking. Pura vida!