Costa Rica #4: Whale’s Tail

Ethan Li ’25 and Rowan Van Wormer ’24 share a poem from a visit to Marino Ballena National Park, La Sierpe, and their arrival at Campanario.

A night with air-conditioning was such a dream

I felt the cold air coming, I let out a scream

A great nights sleep in the best bed

Just what we needed to clear our head

Went to a beach shaped like a whale’s tail (Uvita Beach at Marina Ballena)

We saw some monkeys whose faces were pale (White-face capuchin monkeys)

Some people were pooped on

The hike in the sun was a marathon

We sat together and watched the waves

Ice Cream made with love satisfied our craves

We stopped for lunch before getting on a boat (Las Vegas at Sierpe town)

Our tour guides Jero and Pablo are the GOAT’s

We took a boat ride to Campanario

The ride was smooth, best case scenario

No electricity, No air conditioning, No fans

We’re all excited for the future plans

Before dinner we took a dip while the sun was setting

The seasickness from earlier we’re now forgetting

A candlelit dinner for fifteen

Yet another meal of rice and bean

Ending the night with a debrief

To bed we go, what a relief