Costa Rica #2: Arrival-Day One!

Chloe Ramirez ’24 and Amantle Peloewetse ’23 share the groups first full day in Costa Rica.

Today was day one in Costa Rica, the day we have all been waiting for!! We started the day off with a breathing exercise to ground ourselves and acknowledge how grateful we are to be in a new space full of beautiful nature. We left at 6:30am for the Santa Ana Feria de Agricultura to pick up a traditional Costa Rican breakfast, ranging from rice and beans to fresh produce. During the couple hours we were there, we got a feel of Costa Rican culture and how Sundays are usually spent here.

After Breakfast we headed to the garden of the University of Peace which happens to be a jungle. We went on a hike, saw the difference in climates within a singular ecosystem, and were able to learn more about the specific tree species native to Costa Rica. We finished our day with an amazing, restorative yoga session that allowed us to connect with both our bodies and nature. Not only was this practice wonderful to end the busy day with, but it is a practice that we hope to continue back at Deerfield.