LAST CHANCE – Apply to be an Advancement Ambassador!

Connect with Deerfield alumni and the Office of Advancement with this unique leadership opportunity. Apply to be an Advancement Ambassador before March 31.

Interviews will take place from April 10-21. The 2023-2024 Advancement Ambassador cohort will be announced on April 25.
Questions? Email Mrs. Laurenitis, Assistant Director of the Annual Fund, or Ms. Guerin, Administrative Assistant for Alumni Relations.

  • If selected, student leaders will have first-hand experience in all areas of Advancement—from alumni relations and fundraising to event management and more!
    Meet with Advancement staff three times yearly to discuss interests and opportunities in the Ambassador program (1-hour meetings in the fall, winter, and spring).
  • Assist Advancement staff with on-campus events such as the Pathways Program, Choate Day, Grati-Tuesday, the annual Day of Giving, and more!
  • Opportunity to serve as a moderator and/or host for Heritage or Ashley Award presentations at School Meetings, including preparing questions and coordinating with award recipients.
  • Participate in the nomination process for Heritage and Ashley Award recipient selection.
  • Create fun videos for Advancement promotions, i.e., fundraising challenges or Choate Day and Day of Giving promos.

The following are roles specific to seniors only.

  • Assist Advancement staff with the annual Pathways Program on campus by promoting among classmates and hosting alumni returning to campus.
  • Help with senior tie selection by collecting classmate votes.
  • Assist Advancement staff with promoting senior pledges, including co-hosting senior feeds.
  • Opportunity exists to serve as Class Agents upon graduation.