101 Things to Do Before You Graduate Deerfield 2.0

In 2019, Student Council Representative Brigid Stoll ’19 updated the 101 Things to do Before You Graduate list for Deerfield students. Some of these tasks are very easy to accomplish, experiences that most Deerfield students partake in before their Commencement, such as 1) Hike to the Rock, 2) Swim in the Deerfield River, 12) Go to Semi, and 13) Join a Club. Others force students to leave their comfort zone, such as 56) Watch or perform at KFC. In the spirit of encouraging Deerfield students to pursue the myriad experiences and opportunities unique to our school, and seeing as the current list is slightly outdated, I’ve decided to attempt to generate a new list for the generations of Deerfield students to come. While some of the items from the original list are a mainstay of the Deerfield Experience, I also want the new list to represent the community’s interests/thoughts. With that in mind, I’d appreciate it if you would fill out this brief form with your thoughts.


– Osegie ’23