Quebec #1: The Journey Begins!

For the next few days, ten students and two faculty trip leaders, Jan Flaska and Alexandra Newlon will explore Quebec City’s confluence of cultures through its historic sites, museums, and its annual Winter Carnival, a nearly 130 year-old tradition. Below, Ruby Remillard ’26 and Sungmin Ahn ’26 share the groups arrival into Quebec.

After getting on the bus, we started our journey with a good game of trivia. Later, we went into a grocery store for some late-night snacks and morning breakfast, then headed over to McDonald’s for dinner. Finally, after two more hours we made it to the hotel – a journey of just under six hours. We got sorted into our rooms and adventured off on a walk as a group. We saw lights and statues, a ferry, and lots snow. A good start to our trip.

-Ruby Remillard ’26

There were many events that happened on our trip today that I will likely remember for a long time. The departure was a special one; the group picture we took in front of the bus with the Quebec flag just before leaving was memorable. The trip on the bus was not that difficult or uncomfortable, highlighted by the pitstop at McDonalds and a grocery store just before the Canadian border. At the Canadian border, seeing the Canadian, American, and Quebec flags waving in the wind while snow fell was when I realized how close we were to our final destination. Around two hours later, we reached the hotel and arrived in Quebec city.

After the long bus ride, stepping off the bus and onto the cold streets of Quebec was breathtaking. The historical monuments, ice sculptures, and the view of the surrounding landscape were all amazing. Soon after, we settled into our rooms with our belongings. Thirty minutes later, all of us were geared up for the freezing winter weather and were ready to take a brief walk around the nearby area. Throughout this walk, there were many amazing views and glimpses at historical monuments that make me excited for the adventures that are to come. I thank Mr. Flaska, Ms. Newlon, all the DA staff who helped coordinate this trip, my parents, and especially the bus driver Jim, for making this trip possible.

-Sungmin Ahn ’26