What helps your mental wellness?

The Deerfield Vocal Ensembles want to know what people, places, and things help to improve your mental wellness at Deerfield. Hanging out with friends? When our dining staff makes your favorite dessert? Some quiet time alone? Playing a big game with your teammates? Learning something new in the classroom? Getting some good sleep? Something else?

We hope you’ll record your voice telling us, in about 10 seconds or less, what you do to improve your mental wellness. We’ll use these (completely anonymous) recordings as part of our Fall Family Weekend performance on October 14 as we sing Paul Simon’s hit song “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Recordings can be done in a voice memo or any other recording software you have. Please upload your recording to this link by Sunday, September 25, and help us share some strategies for feeling good and healthy together at Deerfield.

Thanks for your help! If you have any questions, feel free to email Dr. Pfitzer.