Summer CSGC Grant Update: INSPIRE clinics: A Free Two Day Soccer Clinic To Empower The Next Generation of Female Athletes

This past August 15 and 16, I organized a free soccer clinic to inspire young female soccer players. Throughout the two days, 20 girls worked on their confidence while building on technical and tactical skills. The clinic’s goal was to encourage participation in sports and empower the next generation of female athletes.

From 9 am – 3 pm, the days were packed with high-energy drills and games. I tried to focus more on fun-filled activities and really emphasize the why behind soccer – the love of the game. I was fortunate enough to have six talented volunteers helping me out, which allowed us to switch up the style of coaching. Some of the girls’ favorite games included World Cup, Catch-volley, and a mini 3v3 tournament. Every girl received a custom-made INSPIRE clinic t-shirt, and I could tell they enjoyed lunch as well.

Although there was a lot of planning behind the scenes, the volunteers, players, and I left the field feeling fulfilled and uplifted. I think there was a lot of learning going on everywhere. I know I learned from this experience and my hope is that the players did too. I am reminded of the importance of human connection and collaboration, and how far that can take you in this world.

This experience was transformative for me. It led me to believe in myself and the impact I can make in the world. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity Deerfield gave me to pursue my passion for supporting young female athletes. I received very positive feedback from my community, and even got featured in a few local newspapers! I am definitely planning on running more clinics in the future, as we received many requests to put on another clinic this winter! I believe we achieved our goal of inspiring the next generation of female athletes.

To get a better sense of what the clinic was like for these girls, I highly encourage you to check out our Instagram: @inspire_clinics

Again, BIG thanks to Deerfield for allowing me to put this on. I had an absolute blast and I know the girls did as well!

-Avery Izzo ‘24