Summer CSGC Grant Update: Raising Awareness for Mental Health in South Korea

The rate of suicide has been an issue for more than two decades in Korea. Although the rates have gone down after the major economic crisis came to an end, the rates of suicide persist. Korea has an unusually high rate of suicide compared to other major countries. According to statistics published by the OECD, Korea’s suicide rates are double the average rate of suicide in other countries. Specifically, suicide rates of men are concerning.

Although Korea has its share of resources regarding suicide prevention, they are relatively less known than resources in the States. If more people were aware of the resources, they could potentially receive the necessary help needed.

By raising awareness of the various resources available in Korea through an online promotional ad I will create on Naver, I aim to help people at potential risk and encourage them to reach out for help.

– Mike Lee ’24


This table shows the suicide rates of major countries.