United Kingdom #9: The Play That Goes Wrong

Chrissy James ’24 and Mariam Kokosadze ’24, share a slower paced start to their day followed by a fun comedic experience.

After an eventful first week in London, we started Sunday later than usual. We were able to sleep in a little, spend some time with each other in the hotel, shower if we wanted to, and eat breakfast late. By 11:00am we set off to Camden Town, a huge market place packed with different foods, trinkets, and people. This was intimidating at first, as we hadn’t been to a place as busy as this. However, we stuck together in small groups and were able to navigate our way through the bustling roads. There were many places to eat, with foods ranging from Mexican to Indian cuisine. There were bubble tea shops, souvenir places, and clothing stores in every corner.

After two hours spent in Camden Town, we went back to the hotel for a short break before going back out again into the streets of London. We stopped by at a French restaurant called Côte Bistro, and then to finish off the day we went to see a play called The Play That Goes Wrong. This comedic spectacle brought laughter through its witty humor and the charisma of the actors. It was very impressive to see them twist their bodies in all sorts of difficult situations and disastrous moments of the show. The whole group was in agreement that the show was fantastic, and we left the theater laughing and talking about our favorite moments.