United Kingdom #8: A Day in Bristol

Sophia Wolbach ’23 and Isabella Ordonez ’24, reflect on all the great art work they have seen and the importance of using various mediums and techniques.

We began the day early, rubbing sleep out of our eyes and hurrying to the Jubilee Line. It wasn’t until we made it to Paddington Station, and boarded the train to Bristol, that we were finally awake.

In Bristol, we took a tour of the local street art, starting and ending, of course, with Banksy. The range of styles and techniques we saw among the art was stunning and thought provoking – the fact that what is widely considered a crude art form can create such incredible work, and invite people from all over the globe into the city, is beautiful.

After the tour, we ate some delicious fish and chips, then took a long walk to the Spike Island gallery where we got to see another example of diverse styles. In the gallery, there were pieces from a range of students finishing their BA’s. There was sculpture, painting, video, audio, photography, and more. There was even a miniature room constructed in the center of the area by one student. Not only did we see a mix of styles and mediums, but we also saw a mix of ideas and inspirations. We could have spent days going through the gallery, learning from each work, and still get more out of all of them. But eventually, it was time to leave.

On the way to the train station, we stopped to get pies and ice cream for dinner, and relaxed in the park across the street. Looking onto the countryside on the way back to London, we considered all the incredible art we got to see and how the medium can change their message.