Spring KFC is back! – Saturday, May 14

The Spring KFC is back!

What’s KFC? It is an amazing outdoor concert featuring our own student performers – and those student performers could be you and your friends!
When’s KFC? KFC will be held on Saturday, May 14, at 7 pm.
Where’s KFC? KFC is held on lawn of the Hess steps. It’s a beautiful venue, especially as night falls and we find ourselves under the stars!
If you are interested in performing solo or in a group, please email Ms Karbon with the following information no later than Sunday, May 8, at 10pm, with:

  • Your name and grade/names of the people in your group and grades.
  • Song title (If you know what you will perform. If you aren’t sure yet, that’s okay!)
  • Any conflicts of time that evening (eg. If you know you will be off campus until 8 due to sports, please include that information in your email).
  • Any special instructions regarding instruments/stage set up (We will have a drum kit, keyboard, stools, mics and music stands available to all performers should they be needed).
  • Also, if you would like to volunteer to help set up for KFC (or breakdown the set afterward), please let me know. Set up will likely begin mid-afternoon on Saturday, May 14.

KFC is a great opportunity to have your talents heard by the Deerfield Community! It is a lovely tradition with an amazing vibe. I hope to hear and see many of you there! Have a great week – and think thoughts of music!

Ms Karbon