Seniors – Don’t forget to close out your OneCard account


Today through Wednesday please consider stopping by the Finance Office to close out your OneCard account.

From 9 am to 5 pm, Monday – Wednesday, you may come to the Finance Office and receive cash for the net remaining balance on your OneCard. If you choose to cash out, any remaining balance on your student account (e.g. spring term athletic/music charges) will be deducted from the amount available on your OneCard first. Please understand this may mean the cash out option is not available to you, as the subsequent balance will be zero.

There is a limit of $500 that can be cashed out, any balance in excess of that amount will be returned by check or electronic transfer. If there is a remaining balance and you choose not to cash out prior to leaving campus, your account balance, net of outstanding student charges, will be refunded by check and mailed to your home address. Due to the Academy’s administrative cost of check processing, balances below $50.00, net of outstanding charges, cannot be refunded by check. These balances must be cashed out prior to your departure from campus or they will be forfeited.

Please reach out to Mrs. Rondeau with any questions with any questions.