AP Exams May 2 – 13

All students should notify their teacher(s) if they are going to be absent from class because they are taking AP exams. Work with your teachers to stay caught up with your classes. A list of AP Exam Schedule/Locations can be found here.

Morning Exams:
 Report Time: 7:30 am
 The Dining Hall with open for breakfast at 7:00 am
 Report directly to your assigned testing room

Afternoon Exams:
 Report Time: 11:45 am or ASAP if you are finishing a morning AP exam. Report times may vary, and may be adjusted if the morning exam in the same room runs late.
 Students will be excused from their second morning class (second/fifth) to allow time to prepare before they report for an exam at 11:45 am.
 Report directly to your assigned testing room.
 Be sure to tell your coach or advisor that you will miss practice/games/meetings, if applicable.

All Exams:
 Please be ready to go when you arrive! Pencils sharpened, already topped at the restroom, etc. Check the list of what to bring/not bring below. We will begin promptly!
 Students cannot be dismissed early. All test takers must remain until all tests are collected and counted.
 Students should bring with them only what is necessary for exams.

What to Bring:
 Several sharpened No. 2 Pencils with erasers (not mechanical pencils)
 Pens (dark blue or black ink only)
 Calculator (Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Statistics, Physics only) – be sure yours meets the requirements. No calculators will be provided.
 A ruler – for Physics tests that allow a ruler. No protractors allowed.
 Deerfield ID
 A watch (not a smartwatch or with an alarm) so you can monitor time
 Layers of clothing
 Water/small snack ** if you have two exams in the same day, or if you have a morning extended time test. You might consider bringing a “snack lunch” that you can eat during exam breaks if you are taking multiple tests.

What NOT to Bring:
 Backpack/Large Bag – if at all avoidable.
 Test Prep Books/Class Notes/Textbooks/etc. – These cannot enter the test room at all.
 Cell Phones/Smartwatches – The official College Board policy is no phones in the testing room. Any cell phones, etc. that make it to the testing room will be turned off, collected and returned to you after all exams have been collected. If you don’t want us to take it, don’t bring it at all.
 Mechanical Pencils
 Anything that makes noise
 Anything that covers your head (hoodie, hat)

If you decide not to take a test, please email. Cancelling ensures that a roomful of students are not waiting for you on test day, and that we are accurately budgeting for space and proctors.