Tim Trelease New Paintings Exhibited in the Annex Gallery

Faculty member, Tim Trelease, has installed an exhibition of new paintings in the Annex Gallery, located outside classroom 123 in the Hess Center for the Arts. This show is a scaled-down version of a one-person exhibition in January, 2022, which was part of a visiting artist appearance at the Peddie School, in Highstown, NJ. The artwork was created within the last two years, and the style ranges from representational to wildly abstract. Much of this new work incorporates oil paint and gold leaf on stretched linen, with several crown-shaped framing elements made of wood. Trelease conjures multifarious imagery that can be seen as both ancient and new, static and kinetic, formed and in the process of forming, or perhaps falling apart? Together these paintings seek to capture the essence of our tumultuous time, as a meditation about vital sources of energy, empathy, and impermanence.

Timothy Trelease is an artist-educator who has been exhibiting his artwork and teaching visual art for the past thirty years. He has had solo exhibitions at galleries in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, and his work has been selected for dozens of juried exhibitions around the country. Trelease has worked in a variety of media, from oil on canvas, photography, and digital filmmaking, to large-scale installation/performance art. Whatever the artform, Trelease expresses himself from the heart, seeking to materialize a poetic and haunting beauty about the human condition and our relationship with the world around us. Trelease has taught at his alma mater, the Rhode Island School of Design, and three boarding schools, including Deerfield Academy (for the past seventeen years). He is still in close contact with many of his former students, and he has cherished his time at Deerfield as one of the most rewarding chapters of his life.