South Florida #8: Favorite Memories

Students share a favorite memory from their travel experience in South Florida.

“When we went to the beach and looked at the constellations.  It was nice to see what everyone knew about everything.” -Isaac Bakare ’24

“My favorite memory of this trip was the kayaking trip.  I enjoyed it because in addition to being able to learn about the mangroves, we had an opportunity to get out and swim.  I filled an entire disposable camera with photos from the kayaking trip!” -Brendan Butz ’23

“Walking through Deering Estate with Elias made me realize the vast amount of knowledge needed to be an ecologist, the immense difficulty of habitat conservation and the importance of staying curious and connecting with the people and professionals around you.  Seeing us ask questions and engaging with Elias made me appreciate being an ecologist and also being a part of Deerfield.” -Andy Chen ’22

“My favorite memory is when Isaiah and I were kayaking.  We laughed a lot and crashed a lot.” -Hawk Okpokwasili ’25

“My favorite memory from this trip was snorkeling for the first time.  Being able to see the different species in the ocean and seeing them firsthand was a fantastic experience.” -Mukhtar Handulle ’23

“Indubitably, my favorite memory from this trip was kayaking with Hawk.” –Isaiah Ruffin ’24

“My favorite memory of this trip was our dinner at Sharkey’s.  The music and food were amazing and I had a fun time and laughed so much with my table.”-Green Guo ’24

“It is hard to pinpoint a specific memory.  I will cherish all of the experiences I’ve gained through the different workshops and activities.  But, if I had to choose my favorite part of the trip, it would be the meals. They were the times when I was able to connect most with the other people on the trip.” -Miu Yatsuka ’24

“My favorite memory from this trip happened on the first day; our first meeting and then walking to La Latina.  I remember sitting out in front of the restaurant with everyone in the Miami sun while waiting for our food. We laughed so hard and the food was delicious.” -Sage Piekarski ’23

“I think my favorite memory was eating dinner at Sharkey’s. We had so many laughs and interesting conversations.” -Maria Vieira ’22

“My favorite memory has to be learning how to snorkel and dive at the Marine Lab.  Seeing schools of fish appear under us was super cool.” -Thomas Lu ’23

“My favorite memory was having lunch at Triad seafood. We were on the water, the day was beautiful, we had lots of laughs while eating amazing food.” Ella Davies ’24

“My favorite memory from this trip was kayaking through mangrove tunnels in Key Largo. I loved learning about the different types of mangroves and their purposes, as well as taking a refreshing dip in the water at the end of the tunnel.” -Gavin Mariani ’23

“My favorite memory was the kayak tour and swimming in the secret swimming hole.” -Johnnie Moriarty ’23