Did You Know? You Can Do Service as Your Cocurricular

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard students say, “How can I be more involved in service at Deerfield?” or “I didn’t know I could do service as a cocurricular!” Every term, there is a CSGC co-curricular option that is open to all students, regardless of previous experience, who want to get involved in the community outside of the “Deerfield bubble.” Join our team this spring (or next fall or next winter!) and spend time making a difference in the lives of others. Click on the CSGC option in the cocurricular sign up on DAinfo for more details, but first, some responses from previous participants when asked to describe the CSGC cocurricular:

“Community service at Deerfield Elementary School is an amazing opportunity. Whether you’re playing tag, house, kickball, or soccer, you will spend your time outdoors engaging with students from preschool to 6th grade. Once indoors, you can build Lego Ghostbusters, barely lose to kindergarteners at chess, play fun drawing games, or help make spooky spiderwebs during arts and crafts.”

“I think the program really helps to ground you in the world and learn that there is a lot around us. It really helped me give a purpose to what Deerfield does because Deerfield nurtures an environment of growth academically and personally that later helps us to give back to our own communities.”

“I would describe it as being a relaxing experience that lets you decompress. In addition, it provides insight into new opportunities with the Deerfield community and beyond.”

“It’s a great opportunity to give your time and effort to the community, while making great bonds along the way.”

“The CSGC food pantry program allows students to interact with local people and gives students the chance to help their community in a new way. The mission of feeding the homeless is meant to give back to others with what you have been given and although the program is not easy, the smiles you receive at the end of the day from the people you help makes it all worth it.”

Have questions? Reach out to Mrs. Hutchinson or stop by the CSGC office in Room 109 of the Boyden Library.