Academic Support Pro Tip: End of Term Tips!

We’re moving into the final stretch of the term—you can make it! Here are some tips to help you stay focused, organized, and confident going into the end of term:

  • Come up with a plan. Sit down and map out all your deadlines, so nothing surprises you! Use a calendar, planner, or to-do list so that you can visualize when you have deadlines and when you have a lull. Use these fluctuations in your schedule to your advantage.
  • Schedule time for breaks! Giving yourself (and your brain) time to rest and reset will help you stay focused when you really need to. For more tips on time blocking, check out this helpful video.
  • Spend a few minutes each day reviewing your notes and coming up with questions for review. This will help you get a jump-start on studying for bigger assessments.

And remember, your teacher, advisor, and the Academic Support Team (Mrs. Koyama and Dr. Pfeffer) are here to help!