Deerfield Triathlon – Details and Signups

Introducing the Deerfield Triathlon 2022.
A race to celebrate nature: Love Where You Live.

The triathlon will be held on the morning of October 30, Sunday. The triathlon is open to all students and faculty and consists of two categories: individual and team.

If you decide to sign up as a team, your team must consist of 3 members of any gender and grade. Each member of the team will compete in one event and the team will finish the triathlon in a relay format. Participants will be categorized into Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed divisions, and standings will be determined based on division.

There are two courses for the triathlon, titled White and Green. All courses will be held on the campus of Deerfield Academy. The swimming segment will take place in the Academy Pool, the biking segment will take place on the Big Loop, and the running segment will take place on the big/small loop depending on your course choice.

October 30, Sunday
Green 9 a.m. (Longer): 16 Laps Swimming, 3 Laps of Big Loop Biking, 1 Lap Big Loop Running
White 10 a.m. (Shorter): 4 Laps Swimming, 1 Lap Big Loop Biking, 1 Lap Small Loop Running

All participants will receive a t-shirt as well as a custom wristband.

There will be prizes for top finishers of their division, as well as prizes for best dressed and other categories.

Participants are encouraged to use their own bikes and helmets however, a limited number of bikes and helmets are available for use on a rolling basis.

If you would like to participate as a volunteer, you can sign up below and you will receive complimentary triathlon merch as well!

Signups are below and will close on October 20.

Race Signup:
Volunteer Signup:

Mr. Flaska and/or the triathlon planning committee will be hosting 2 practice sessions before the race on October 9 and 25 respectively. Sessions will begin at 12:3o. Feel free to drop by and practice before race day!

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Faculty in charge: Jan Flaska