Summer CSGC Grant Update: Bringing Smiles to Children Through Music

This summer, I managed to make children feel closer to music, specifically, piano improvisation! Thanks to the Workman grant, the CSGC, and one of the top Ukrainian publishing houses “Krok Press”, I’ve published and sent 112+ books to 100+ Ukrainian music schools in all 24 Oblasts (Ukrainian regions). Hours spent on learning digital design techniques from scratch, writing, working with professional staff of the publishing house, and promotion were definitely worth it not only because of the significant development of Ukrainian music education, but, most importantly, because of hundreds of happy children.

I was happy that I managed to provide a guiding resource to children who wish to start learning piano improvisation from a young age. My non-standard book will definitely help them overcome a common stereotype of Ukrainian society that improvisation and composition is only for adults. I am very thankful to the Workman grant and the CSGC for making my idea real and for the opportunity to improve my community and get new experiences. Now, when the books are sent, I will start promotional Zoom sessions for children, parents, and even music school teachers! I will be happy to share more updates very soon. Thank you for your attention, and stay tuned!

-Anna Pikarska ’22