Have You Checked the Class Schedule Calendar?

This year we are introducing a new tool called the Class Schedule Calendar to help students and faculty remember what class period (first, second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth) they should attend on what day. The Class Schedule Calendar can be found on the Student Bulletin below the Academy Calendar and on the Class Schedule pageThe Class Schedule Calendar is an essential tool for this school year; it ensures that you arrive at the correct class, on the correct day, and at the correct time. You should check the Class Schedule Calendar every Monday through Friday.

The projected alternating day schedule for Fall Term has been loaded into this calendar; this calendar keeps track of what periods are meeting on what days. Some Special Schedules for Fall Term are still TBD, these are noted on the calendar with the details we currently have available; these will be updated as soon as possible. Winter and Spring Terms will be added over the next few months.

Should anything change due to an unexpected class day off (Head of School Day, snow day, etc.), the calendar will be updated to reflect this change, so please check it often.

Any Special Class Schedules will be detailed on this calendar. Please also note that this year we will not be adding Special Schedules to the Main Academy Calendar as we have done in the past, so it’s important you check the Class Schedule Calendar regularly to stay informed.

To limit the volume of emails students and faculty receive, emails about changes to the Class Schedule Calendar will only be sent if the change is made with less than 48 hours notice, but we will always make a post to the Student Bulletin.

Please note that the Class Schedule Calendar only has events related to the Class Schedule, so you should continue to refer to the Main Academy Calendar and the Academic Affairs Calendar for other important events and deadlines, such as when grades are due/available.

More information on the Class Schedule Calendar can be found here.